Sunday, November 4, 2012

Liam fixes everything


I was down in the dumps, a little angry, and very tired......went to see the big boy before work.

He changed everything


I'm so......

 Grateful he was brought into my life...
Happy there was a way to keep him...
Thankful for the chance to have a friendship with him...

And so ashamed of my selfishness. No longer in the dumps:)


Friday, November 2, 2012

19 hrs.....part 2

He makes it all ok
2:38 Arrive at warehouse and have super minor freak out.

2:45 suck it up enter the building..........Wait in lobby for my new manager to come get me. Got super annoyed by complete strangers (contemplate murder)

3:02 manager shows up, and takes the three new sheep to slaughter/orientation. SIGH

3:15 Wonder if it would be socially acceptable to offer to bring fellow new sheep some deodorant tomorrow (contemplate murder)

4:12 Wonder how many times I've signed my name on these papers (contemplates murder with a pen)

5pm sexual harassment video time YEAH. Wonder why the two men (in their early forties maybe)that were watching this film with me laughed. Were they getting pointers or was it because the film was clearly from the early 80's and the very nice lady with the double breasted blazer and bob haircut was in an office setting and not the kitchen???? oh well (contemplate murder with spatula)

5:30 BREAK TIME. sweet I rock at this. Go to loss prevention and get assigned a locker and combination lock. (do i know how to use a combination lock???? oh well how hard can it be) Lock phone and personal stuff and go on now 7 minute break.

6pm After tour, get placed with a gentlemen that seems to be around forty years old, and has no glimmer of life left in his eyes. (breathe)

6:15 It took all of one minute to realize that the guy I've been bound to, not only doesn't want me around, but doesn't like me at all. Don't worry dude I got it when you wouldn't shake my hand and by the look up and down. . . . And yes I'm a girl. Thanks for asking so rudely. (contemplate murder with my bare hands)

6:20 Wonder why this guy isn't showing me anything.........why am I with him? why isn't he answering any of my questions.........(contemplate horrific murder with handheld scanner)

7  sigh lunch......only four and a half more hours to go. You can do this Mary Anna. Go to locker.......ummmmm how does this combination lock work????

7:05 Envision going ballistic and cutting this combination lock off with a grinder while laughing manically with lightening is striking in the locker room. SIGH go to loss prevention and ask for help (sorry I took you away from the rump exercises you're mastering on your eight hour shift of sitting there)

7:12 After being schooled on how to use a combo lock (DERRRRRRRP) go outside to use cell phone.
 Hang up.
Walk inside to try and eat something before I run out of time.
Realize I have some anger problems.
 Take out phone to google psychiatric help........instead decide to harness my money making talent and google Hired Hitman job........
modify search to local area......
 sigh oh well it's probably for the best.
 Bookmark search....
OH CRAP I have to put my phone back in my does this lock work again??????

8:36 (contemplate murder of everybody within punching/choking distance) Tonight when I get home I'm designing and making a shirt that reads. YES I AM A GIRL. THAT'S WHY MY BADGE SAYS MARY. WHY I HAVE MAKEUP ON, AND WHY I HAVE TWO LUMPS ON MY CHEST

8:50ish  Realize somehow I've proven myself to my very disagreeable mentor. He's pleased with my work. sigh I'm glad I just watched closely and picked up really fast and didn't wait for instruction. YAY common sense 1 explanations 0

9:30 break time yay. Decide not to leave station because this warehouse is way too large to walk all the way to my locker just to spend what's left of my ten minute break trying to enter the mythical realm that is guarded by master. The fabled combo lock.

10:12  Sigh I'm really kick butt. I've accepted that I've been given all the crap pallets to break down and's all good I'm the new fish.....this isn't my first pond, i get it:)

11pm thirty minutes to go.......which is awesome because my legs are throbbing. It's all good though cause I'm rocking production numbers. YES score. (contemplate murdering jammed ticket machine)

11:30 BELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. eeeeeeeeeeeeee it's the best time of the day. run out to car (contemplating murdering everyone on the way out.......or at least giggling while knocking every last person out of my way)

MIDNIGHT apologize to roommate for the late hour at which she had to pick me up. Thank said roommate for not leaving me stranded......because I would've gone to jail.
 Email mom.
 Decide not to make the shirt after all.

1am  Contemplate writing part two of 19 hr blog and correcting it . . . it's been twenty hours. Decide against that idea because I need to repeat everything when my alarm goes off in five hours. Watch cartoons and fall asleep on loveseat.....DERP