Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lessons while waiting....

As I wait for the car to get inspected......I can't help but wonder how tomorrow will go. New job, new people, new equipment.....
sigh. I need to take some pointers on peace of mind from the four leggeds. . . .

No peer pressure

 No stress

Just friendship....

rolling in the mud......

Smiles ......

nom noming food....



and playing with toys that were just made.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 Repurposed wood +

time +

 pencil +

 sharpie  +

 paint +

more paint +

even more paint +

some more paint +


sharpie +

 =   HOPE

Moral of the story...... No matter how it looks........HOPE is never lost.

Monday, October 29, 2012


So after making the best cat scratch/perch ever.....
I went to see Liam.....he's not very happy having to stay in his stall.
The winds have picked up and the rain has begun. I'm glad i grew up in Texas, and know what to expect from a hurricane..... the four- leggeds don't seem to understand what's going on though.
Chloe......doesn't care for the wind.
But she can really put on a brave face, in order to make Tweak feel better
LB only cares about food......
and somehow Charlie's radioactive ......
.......Shortly after getting back from tucking Liam in, we lost power. The fireplace is roaring and the four-leggeds seem content.
It's rather funny how the world seems to stop when you lose power, yet the animals are unphased.....if anything, it seems as if they think this is just another cuddle hour, blackout style. 
I must say farewell.....since my laptop battery is dwindling.
Stay safe


So as the storm approaches I'm tempted to go play outside

There's eighteen acres at my fingertips......

alas I'll get to work. I've got a few projects I'd really like to wrap up today. 

I need to turn these.......

and these into cat toys.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Horsing Around

Meet Liam. He's an eleven year old off the track thoroughbred. Liam came into my life over a year ago. 

I'm a born and raised Texan, but for the past five years I've been living all over New York. After giving up a very good job in the city (due to the whole NYC life that this lil Texan couldn't digest) I ended up on a horse farm in upstate NY where I met my best friend Liam. 

After winning quite a bit of money in fifty seven races all over Florida, Liam was auctioned off. He somehow ended up in New York, and then went to a family that I guess just forgot to feed him.


When he came to the farm, he was emaciated, and his spirit was broken. My heart bled for this creature, but I tried not to get too attached..EPIC FAIL. It took months to get the weight back on him, and many months after that to get him to a place where he felt comfortable with me touching him. I worked with him daily, often multiple times a day. The goal was to help him understand........not all people are bad, and that not all people will hurt you. 

In August of 2012 my roommate and I paid the final payments and Liam became another member of the mismatched FourLeggedFriendship crew.  


The rest of the members of our crew are....


Our fearless leader Chloe.....who sometimes rules with an iron claw.
Second in command, is Tweak.
The Muscle, Charlie 
The newest ten legged/honorary "four legged" member of our crew, Mr. Hercules Montague Crabs

Last, but certainly not least, The team mascot.....LB

Now that you have met the crew, I'll explain our purpose. Life is a beautiful gift. We are given the chance to make friendships of all different kinds. Some for a lifetime, and others if but for a moment in time. My hope, is to chronicle our misadventures together and the journey of starting my own business.

Let the fun begin......