Monday, October 29, 2012


So after making the best cat scratch/perch ever.....
I went to see Liam.....he's not very happy having to stay in his stall.
The winds have picked up and the rain has begun. I'm glad i grew up in Texas, and know what to expect from a hurricane..... the four- leggeds don't seem to understand what's going on though.
Chloe......doesn't care for the wind.
But she can really put on a brave face, in order to make Tweak feel better
LB only cares about food......
and somehow Charlie's radioactive ......
.......Shortly after getting back from tucking Liam in, we lost power. The fireplace is roaring and the four-leggeds seem content.
It's rather funny how the world seems to stop when you lose power, yet the animals are unphased.....if anything, it seems as if they think this is just another cuddle hour, blackout style. 
I must say farewell.....since my laptop battery is dwindling.
Stay safe