Wednesday, August 7, 2013

If I should never say another thing.....

The very sad, painful, and bizarre events that have unfolded this week compel me to make sure that if I should never say another thing......

I want you to know my friend
I love you
My hearts desire is that we should graze beside each other until you can graze no more
My wish is that we walk together in this new freedom and peace that both of us never felt before
If the time comes when you can walk no further with me
I will let you rest my friend while I carry your memory with me until we can walk together again

At the very beginning I felt as if I was saving your life.....
But you wasted no time in showing what saving a life really was

To those of us who have lost...
those of us who are losing...
and to those of us who have yet to receive....
I pray peace 

For those who have hurt
I offer forgiveness 

For those who have been hurt
I offer my apology 

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