Friday, September 20, 2013

Going to watch some dog fights this weekend

Mad???? …..….What if I said I was going to watch the horse races……would you be mad then??? Probably not.

Why??? Oh because you throw the argument that horses love and live to race around????........Horses love to run. They enjoy being with other horses......the herd represents security. There’s a big difference. I cannot convince myself that they enjoy any part of being whipped and forced to outrun other horses on a man-made track.

What if I told you that in some dark dank place in the world……children were being bred to become fighters? Taken away before their teeth had even fully come in. They were not allowed to socialize with other children out of fear they would become unmanageable and not allowed out of their room to do anything but train. They were not allowed to go and even play alone out of fear that they would get hurt or that they would waste the energy that could be used in a fight…but they love to fight….they have two fists so they live to fight…… forward a couple of years. They’re winners. Many belts… many prizes…. and oh so much money…….they sustain injuries but it’s ok because their trainers give them drugs… forward a couple more years…..they are winning less and less and the drugs their trainers gave them only masked the bigger problems and the money it takes to keep their crumbling bodies in the fights is more than they are bringing in. They are now auctioned off. Their future however dark or bright it may be is no concern of yours because there’s a brand new batch of fighters coming in as the old ones are being trailered away to an unknown future.....I cannot imagine the uproar.

As humans…..we DECIDE to become athletes we DECIDE to become running and fighting machines. We train hard and if we become injured we DECIDE if we can handle the pain. We TALK to our doctors and trainers. We DECIDE if an injury is career ending and how to adjust into life after being an athlete…..

When Cass tracked down Liam’s racing videos……we couldn’t even watch his last race. He was so lame it hurt to watch. I know for a fact that there are good trainers out there. Good men and women that really do care for the horses that they train…………


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